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SICILY (2010-12)
A deep journey in Sicily island through the past and the present ......continue
SCANNO (2012)
A wonderful village in Abruzzo region where some great photographers took historical photographs......continue
METABUS (2012)
Metaphysical montain lanscapes from a bus......continue
SOLARIS (2012)
August 2011, Russia, again. Togliatti is a city overlooking the Volga river, 800 km east of Moscow: here I was invited to hold workshops and for some photography exhibitions of our own, including the presentation of "Dream in a Mirror", my last project. After a few days the organizers took us to the umpteenth inauguration along with Russian authors in order to visit the exhibition and comment on it onto the journalists.
This time, however, the exhibition venue did not leave me cold like the previous ones. It was an artist's society venue called Solaris, in honor of an old Tarkovski movie! ......continue
They say a dream lasts just a little more than a moment but in that moment a person may suffer, rejoice, live or relive their experiences. This project represents a voyage through the dream, a dream which begins inside a mirror and concludes in another mirror.
It describes an exploration of our own spirituality and our own being through four sequences: the Passage, the Voyage, the Revelations and the Return.
A dream is a symbolic phenomenon thus every image in this project is like a clue that leads to the realization of this inner journey.
It is a dream made of images, where we can create our own voyage, which is perhaps the longest journey we might ever take
The realm of the fairy-tale;a surreal atmosphere; perhaps the strange and unfamiliar environment or the refrain from a particular cd;that unusual and special chemistry felt between the photographer and the "photographed". At times an essential cocktail enabling the artist to spontaneously and rapidly release images from the unconscious mind.......continue
VISUAL THRESHOLDS (2000-5) is an instinctive process, I don't plan anything.
I often have my camera with me and when I come across a place or a person that "connects" with my memory or subconscious I begin to work. But I don't know what I am doing on a rational level at that particular moment. It is only after printing the image that I will maybe begin to understand & rationalize,but not always! So my visual threshold it is the border or "bridge"that exists between the timelessness of the unconscious mind and "reality"
In "states of mind" work, Stefano Bernardoni tries to face an argument of difficult approach, to tell about himself using both the photography and the reproduction of a photocopier.
Stefano in this way introduces himself towards an introspection and analysis of some states of mind, using parts of his body, modified by the movement of the photocopier itself.
In order to develop these images, he has rubbed the sensitive paper with his fingers wet of chemical in his darkroom, in attempt to imprint his states of mind also outside the photographic release. ........continue
In the artistic museums people breathe a particular air: respect and contemplation of the object is perceived, in the attempt to catch its essence. In these images I have tried to interpret the relationship between an object and its watcher, trying to pick the more private moments and carrying them on the same dimension........continue
MILAN (1995)

ARLES (1994)



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